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Dan and Bank of PV staff, Thank you so much for making sure no matter how many obstacles, the bank helped me get my debit card while abroad in Spain. And Even though it sounds cheesy, it made me really happy I belonged to your bank!

~SW July

Hello Dan, I want you to know how much I enjoyed this month’s musings [- "Power Walks, Tulip Blossoms, Operation Starlite, General Gaip~ and Back Again"] My husband had a mentor in the VFW who was an Army Ranger in Vietnam. Ray told a similar story. He had taken a patrol out to recon and came upon a VC division. Ray said “I turned to my men and said…there is no shame in running and we are going to run. Run we did up the side of a mountain. We called for air support to pick us up. It was hot that day. When the chopper arrived the pilot said we were overloaded and someone will have to stay. I thought lead by example. I jumped out of the helicopter but as I did I grabbed my radio man and said you stay too. We were lifted out the next morning.”

Ray passed away 2 years ago from esophageal cancer. Very common among Vietnam vets. Ray would say they thought nothing of running through area’s that had been treated with Agent Orange then living in those clothes for days. The VFW has a story project. I hope your friend Jerry records his memories for current and future generations.

~Best regards, SF May

Thank you guys for all your help, as well as great service. Very happy with my decision to switch to this bank about 5 to 6 years ago. Hope you have a great day, and thank you for the fantastic service you provide every time.

~HMcG April

Thank you for whoever sent the Birthday Letter! It was just like when I use to get $2 Bills with a card from my Grandpa! Takes me back!

~HGF August

Hi Dan! I simply wanted to share with you a compliment that I heard regarding one of your employees last week. A friend of mine was in the bank trying to set up an educational fund for her children. She said the process was efficient, easy, and the staff at the Bank of Prairie Village was very welcoming and easy to work with. And what a great, community-minded bank we have right here in Prairie Village. We are glad you are here, thank you!

~JF August

Dan, Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes, for the $2 bill and the employee's nice phone message/birthday greeting. You are sweet to remeber. We appreciate the Bank of PV very much.... and the fine personal service we recieve. Thanks again,

~ KG June

I am a staunch believer in following your gut instinct, and immediately mine was telling me that I felt at home while I was at your bank. Everyone greeted me with a smile and said hello, which makes a huge difference in my overall experience. Thanks again!

~ JK May

Dan and Bank of PV Staff, Believe it or not it's been 5 years since I opened my Chiropractic practice. I appreciate you "taking a chance" on the new girl in town and we are proud to have served our community and look forward to the years to come! Thank you for your help! Yours in health,

~ Dr. L April

The remote deposit at any US Bank in the country helps with my constant change of location due to my job. I have found it works especially well at the US Bank in Eagle, CO!

~ JF - March

Dan, What a nice surprise, a lucky $2 bill that bought a Lotto ticket and guess what? Maybe you read about it in the newspapers or saw it on TV. Anyway, here is a small token of appreciation for your generosity, see enclosed check.

~ JA Sr. - January

Thanks for your timely response. The 'service culture' of the bank is truly (and sadly) unique. It will always be a professional and personal competitive advantage; as well as just the right way to approach business and life.

~ SP - June

Dan, Thank you very much for the Birthday Greeting. A pleasant surprise! My Father has always spoken highly of you and the personal & friendly service extended to him and my late Mother by EVERYONE at your bank. Keep up the good work, and thank you again for the Birthday wishes.

~ CR - April

Hey...thanks so much for your time and attention to this situation. This is why I absolutely love Bank of Prairie Village.

I plan to move back to Dallas in the near future...but I can tell you this...and please tell Dan, too - I will not be moving my accounts anywhere else. (Ahahahaha...for what that is worth...not that I am any Donald Trump or

At any rate, thank you once more for your (always) exemplary assistance.

~ KSM - April

Your associates are always working hard to help make sure your banking needs are handled quickly. Another positive is your associates are very friendly. I continue to refer the Bank of Prairie Village because the bank has the personal touch, and the concern for each client.

~ CJ

You have created an atmosphere where the young business professionals and seasoned veterans can interact, learn and develop relationships that span a lifetime! I have enjoyed being a part of the bank family and am honored to have you as my banker.

~ AW

I want to tell you that I admire how you do business. Local, straightforward, with style and class, and a sense of fun! All very admirable traits in todays world that often forgets some or most of those.


This note is to let you know how nice it is for you to remember my birthday each year with the birthday greetings. Thank you for the awesome job you do of paying attention to the details and remembering me.

~ NS

I want you to know what a pleasure it is dealing with your Bank. I can’t believe the quality and friendly service that is extended to your customers. I was very surprised last Friday to receive a telephone call from one of your personnel wishing me a Happy Birthday for the upcoming weekend. Even more than receiving a phone call, I was quite surprised to get your kind letter on Saturday wishing me a Happy Birthday. I want to thank you and express my appreciation to you and your Bank for all the kindness extended to me.

~ LL

Dan Dan, Thank you very much for the Birthday Greeting (a pleasant surprise!) My Father has always spoken highly of you and the personal & friendly service extended to him and my late Mother by EVERYONE at your bank. Keep up the good work, and Thank you again for the Birthday wishes.

~ CR

A couple quick comments. First, I appreciate your personal notes with “words of wisdom” common horse sense about business and life… no magic bullets. Some people have it or learn it or go through it.

Thanks for the Bichelmeyer book on how to do business. Again, lots of good old horse sense.

Handling business the old fashioned way, i.e., straight shooting honesty wont’ ever go out of style. Some people thrive on gimmicks thinking they’ll get something for nothing but end up getting screwed.

Observing members of your staff, they all look like people I’d like working for me.

~ Joe - 2011

To all the great bankers at B. of P.V.
Many thanks for retrieving and returning my cell phone. You saved me a weekend of “angst”!!

~ PS - 2011

Thank you for you contributing to a very successful Drum Run 2010, organized to help start a drum line at Cristo Rey Kansas City. We had about 160 runners, and were able to raise close to $10,000. Thanks to the generosity of Meyer Music, we will now be able to purchase drums at wholesale prices. We have begun the process of choosing the drums with the students - that’s the part they seem to be really excited about. Additionally, we are setting aside funds for the proper instructions from experienced percussion professionals. With the wholesale pricing, we will have funds left over to hire a teacher for years to come. The best part of the entire project has been the outpouring of support from the SME community and the appreciation shown from the Cristo Rey students and staff. As Sister Vickie said on KCTV5, the drum line will do a lot to bolster the spirit of the whole school. The school’s first graduating class is this year, and your donation will go towards creating a lasting tradition as this school continues to grow. Thank you again for your generous donation to this worthy cause, I hope to see you at the Drum Run 2011.

~ AG - April 2010

On behalf of the Belinder Community, we’d like to thank you for the Health Fair bags. Your support of our community is admirable.

~ Belinder PTA - April 2010

The Village Church acknowledges with gratitude the generous donation given to the church by the Bank of Prairie Village. This gift will help the church in promoting its mission and ministry to its congregation and within the community.

~ J.F.P. III - April 2010 Church Administrator

It was a pleasure to come see an honest to goodness community bank! It just makes me feel so hopeful to see that the community bank is not dead.

~ JW - April 2010

Thank you for your generous support of Jazz Night and the Shawnee Mission East Jazz Program. Your donation helps make this great event possible, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

~ PL and DR-J - April 2010 Shawnee Mission East Jazz Night Co-Chairs

I don't know of another bank in the Kansas City where you open an account and receive immediate personal attention from the chairman. I am not easily impressed, but Dan Bolen has made a great impression on me. Because of his exceptional reputation as a businessman, it is no surprise that he is as personable as they come. It is clear that when you work with Dan you are working with an expert and a friend.

~ BC - March 2010

The Bank of Prairie Village is the best bank in the world in my opinion. Dan Bolen is what makes it so special. He always sends special hand-written notes with your bank statements (which never includes added fees and charges). There are a number of events throughout the year at the bank that make you as a customer feel very rewarded for being a member. I would recommend the Bank of Prairie Village to anyone looking to make a change to a personable bank instead of the "big banks" that make you feel like a number.

~ DF - February 2010

Trusting Dan and the Bank of Prairie Village with my banking needs was the best financial move I have ever made. The attention and care that he gave me and my family made me feel like a good friend rather than a customer. He runs a top-notch organization with the highest quality, personable associates from top to bottom. . . . banking has never been so easy.

~ TH - January 2010

A wise man once said, 'It is not the style of clothes one wears, neither the kind of automobile one drives, nor the amount of money one has in the bank, that counts. These mean nothing. It is simply service that measures success.' And exemplary service is what the Bank of Prairie Village provides.

~ SD - January 2010

Dan is the epitome of professionalism and trust. I would recommend him to anyone considering a banking decision, or anything for that matter!!

~ SH - January 2010

The philosophy behind the Bank of Prairie Village is something revolutionary. Never before have I walked into a bank and felt 100% comfortable approaching the Chairman, VP, and other top associates without prior notification. They take the idea of personally knowing each of their customers to a new level.

~ RR - January 2010

I have used a couple different banks in my life, but never one where every employee knows me by name. The customer service at The Bank of Prairie Village is second to none. They have many resources for my small business, and treat me like I'm the most important client every time I walk in the door. I would recommend the bank to ANYONE!! Thanks guys!!

~ RS - August 2009

I recently joined the Bank of Prairie Village family and the experience has so far proven extremely worthwhile. Bankers you can relate to, and who know the ins and outs of being a college student in this day and age are what I like most about the Private Bankers at the Bank of PV!

~ MC - January 2010


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