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Safety Tips for Online Banking

When dealing with sums of money online, security is the most important aspect that needs to be covered.

Following these tips will help you ensure your security:

  1. Change your password often and use strongly assembled passwords with at least 8 characters; including numbers, special characters, and capitalized letters.
  2. Remember your password and your responses for security questions. Do NOT to share them with anyone and never save your password for future logins.
  3. Differentiate your passwords between Online Banking and other accounts that you have at present.
  4. Never use unsecured Wi-Fi and refrain from using public computers when banking online.
  5. Check bank statements often for unauthorized transactions.
  6.  Log out of Online Banking every time and disconnect from Wi-Fi when inactive.
  7.  Be sure to keep antivirus software up-to-date and use a firewall. You may be at risk and unaware.
  8. Access Online Banking from the home page of our website to ensure authentic results.
  9. Look for the secure padlock next to the URL to make sure your information is encrypted. Double-click the secure padlock to verify the security certificate.
  10. Beware of unusual or unprofessional content when navigating on Online Banking. A slightly altered domain name, flawed logo, or immediate account verification request are signs of unsafe territory.
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